The Children Tresco Original Paper Collage Art


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Introducing “The Children, Tresco”: A Captivating Artwork

Experience the allure of the iconic Isles of Scilly through this exquisite paper collage.

Meticulously Crafted from Recycled Materials

Witness the artistic wonder of torn pieces from old magazines and junk mail, carefully composed to create a stunning arrangement.

Enhanced Presentation with Sustainable Framing.

Local craftsmen elegantly frame the collage using sustainably sourced wood, paint, and glass for added visual impact.

Stunning Frame Design

The 15”x 13.5” (39cm x 35cm) frame with a 2.25” (6cm) wide mount enhances the presentation of the artwork.

Perfect Size and Composition

Measuring “8 x 6.5″” (20cm x 18cm), this unique collage captures the essence of this artwork.

Safe and Worry-Free Delivery

Rest assured, the collage will be securely packed and shipped via special delivery at no additional cost.

Certificate of Authenticity

Receive a certificate of authenticity to validate the originality and provenance of “The Children, Tresco”.

Customisation Available

Choose to have the name mount blank, or “Tresco,” or any other name of your preference written on the collage.

Captivating Artistry and Sustainability

“The Children, Tresco” represents a harmonious blend of creativity and sustainability through the use of recycled materials.

Contact for More Information

For additional details or any questions, reach out through the contact details provided or use the chat button.


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