About Me

Cathy is a Collage Artist residing in Cornwall. With years of experience in the craft industry she followed her passion and became a full-time artist five years ago. Embracing the vibrant artistic community in Cornwall, she specialises in creating captivating paper collages.

Drawing inspiration from the Cornish landscape Cathy hand-cuts and layers recycled paper. Sustainability is at the core of her artistic process, as she repurposes old magazines and junk mail, giving them new purpose.

Having spent considerable time in the handicrafts market and travelled the far east, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her artistic pursuits. Today, she channels her creativity into depicting favourite places and celebrating everyday beauty through her unique paper collages.

Cathy’s art has found a home in retail outlets throughout Cornwall, allowing local communities and visitors to embrace and appreciate the beauty of the region. Additionally, she showcases and sells her creations online, including her own website.

Cathy is also one of the founding members of the Helford Artists Collective, a small group of Artists who live and work by the Helford River across a variety of mediums.