Cornwall Card Blank, Paper Collage Art, Helford Passage, Falmouth


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Product description

Helford Passage, Cornwall is a handmade paper collage card made out of recycled materials.

The Helford Passage on the glorious Helford River and the home of the infamous Ferryboat Inn! These iconic cottages have been painted many times and I so enjoyed creating a paper collage of them! Anyone who knows the Helford River, Cornwall will know these cottages well! The collaged card is made out of old magazines and junk mail torn up and stuck to create this picture. It gives it a great eco-friendly appeal and good feel factor, using rubbish to create something beautiful!


The card size 5″x7″ (12.5 x 17.5cm)

Made from

Old magazines and junk mail which are torn up, cut up and glued with solvent free glue and hey presto a collage is made! They are then printed on FSC paper and dispatched to you in recycled cardboard packaging.


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