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Cornish Artists that inspire!

Cornwall’s stunning landscape has long been an inspiration for artists, and the region continues to attract some of the most talented and innovative creatives. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at two contemporary current Cornish artists that inspire and who are making waves with their stunning works of art.

The first artist we’ll spotlight is Sue Davis, a painter whose work has been exhibited in galleries across Cornwall and the UK. Sue’s paintings are inspired by the natural world, particularly the sea, with its constantly shifting colours and moods. She uses bold, vibrant colours and a loose, expressive style to create works that capture the energy and beauty of the coastline. Sue’s paintings are a celebration of the natural world and an invitation to viewers to immerse themselves in its wonder.

The second current Cornish artist we’ll explore is Gilly Johns, a textile artist who creates beautiful and intricate pieces inspired by the Cornish landscape. Gilly’s work incorporates a variety of materials and techniques, including embroidery, printmaking, and appliqué. Her pieces often feature images of the sea, rocks, and wildflowers, all rendered in exquisite detail. Gilly’s work is a celebration of the natural beauty of Cornwall and a reminder of the importance of preserving and protecting the environment.

In conclusion, Sue Davis and Gilly Johns are just two examples of the many talented current Cornish artists who call Cornwall home. Their work reflects the region’s stunning natural beauty and a deep respect for the environment. Whether you’re a fan of painting or textiles, there’s something for everyone to admire in the work of these two Cornish artists.

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