Collage contemporary art St Michael's Mount Sunset

Collage Contemporary Art

Exploring Collage Contemporary Art:

Collage Contemporary art evolves dynamically. Artists experiment with diverse mediums, notably in the expressive form of collage. This exploration focuses on Cornwall’s vibrant art scene.

The Rise of Collage Contemporary Art:

Pioneered by artists like Picasso, collage gained prominence in the 20th century, evolving globally. The juxtaposition of images, textures, and colours creates a rich visual experience.

Collage Artists in Cornwall:

Cornwall, with its stunning landscapes, fosters a community where artists like Cathy Harrison redefine collage, infusing works with a strong sense of place and identity.

Cornwall’s Influence on Collage Art:

Inspired by Cornwall’s rugged coastline and picturesque villages, artists experiment with textures and colours, reflecting personal and collective experiences in their collage creations.

UK’s Collage Art Landscape:

Beyond Cornwall, the entire UK, from London’s streets to the Lake District’s serenity, is a melting pot of artistic talent. Collage artists draw inspiration from diverse surroundings.

Trends in UK Collage Art:

The UK’s collage art scene is eclectic, spanning digital media, traditional techniques, and three-dimensional works. Themes range from socio-political to deeply personal, reflecting diverse experiences.

Collage Exhibitions and Events:

Art enthusiasts can explore contemporary collage through exhibitions and events across the UK. From Cornwall’s independent galleries to London’s major institutions, these platforms engage a wider audience.


Collage art in the UK, especially in Cornwall, showcases the evolving nature of artistic expression. As artists experiment with new forms, materials, and themes, contemporary collage remains a vibrant canvas of creativity, offering a unique lens to appreciate the rich tapestry of modern British life.

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